Vaccinations and Prevention

Vaccinations and parasite preventives help fight parasites and common diseases from threatening your pet's health. Combined with regular wellness exams, they are key measures in routine healthcare for your cat or dog.

Routine, scheduled vaccinations to prevent the contraction of contagious diseases are very important in ensuring your pet's health. The following is our schedule for cat and dog vaccinations.

Vaccinations for Kittens

6 to 8 Weeks 

10 to 12 Weeks 

14 to 16 Weeks 

Vaccinations for Adult Cats

Adult cats need a core vaccine booster one year after completing the initial round of vaccines. We will develop a plan for your cat based on the specific vaccine and the lifestyle and needs of your cat, additional boosters are generally needed every one to three years.

Vaccinations for Puppies

6 to 8 Weeks 

10 to 12 Weeks 

14 to 16 Weeks 

Vaccinations for Adult Dogs

Your dog will need core vaccine boosters beginning at the one-year mark and continuing every one to three years thereafter, depending on the specific vaccine and your dog's lifestyle and needs.

Vaccine FAQs

Should I Watch My Pet After Vaccinations? 

How Do I Help My Pet Feel Better After Receiving A Vaccination? 

Contact us if you have any questions regarding vaccinations.