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Post Surgery Pet Care Services Steveston, Richmond

Your pet may require surgical services at some point in your lifetime. While the idea of having your beloved dog undergo surgery may be frightening, being informed about dog surgery can help ease your anxiety. The following are some of the most typical questions pet owners have about their pets' surgeries.

Post Surgery Pet FAQs

What Should I Do When I First Get My Pet Home? 

My Pet Is Shaking or Coughing After Surgery? 

My Pet is Not Eating After Surgery – What Should I Do? 

My Pet Is Not Pooping After Surgery? Is This Normal? 

What Should I Do If My Pet Licks the Stitches or Surgical site? 

What Do I Do if My Dog’s Stitches Are Coming Out? 

What Are the Signs of Infection? 

Why is my Dog Having Seizures And/or Panting/Breathing Heavily After Surgery?