Medical Boarding at Steveston, Richmond

Petsville Animal Hospital's compassionate and committed staff is available to provide overnight medical boarding services for your cats or dogs.

We understand it can be stressful to leave your pet, especially when they are recovering from illness or have ongoing healthcare needs. We provide boarding for pets with diabetes, a history of seizures, or who need daily drug administration.

A Home Away From Home

Our separate climate-controlled private kennels have soft, clean bedding and towels. Your pets will be taken out for refreshing walks and will be given medications and food as per your instructions so that their routine is not disturbed.

To make your pets feel more at ease, pheromones are dispersed throughout the boarding area. We provide enrichment, calming music, and curtains or privacy hideaways.

Throughout their stay, each patient is observed for indications of fear, tension, anxiety, or alterations in their medical conditions. Your pets will have medical supervision throughout their stay with us and will receive lots of love and attention from our team. 

Medical Boarding FAQs

Do You Keep Dogs or Cats? 

What Accommodation Amenities Do You Have? 

How Much Does Medical Boarding Cost? 

What Time Should I Pick up or Drop Off My Pet? 

What Should I Pack for My Pet? 

Will I Get Regular Updates on My Pet’s Health? 

Contact us if you have any questions.