House Calls for Pets

From regular wellness exams to special care, we provide most of our veterinary services at your doorstep and in the comfort of your own home.

In-home veterinary services are easier and more convenient for both pets and their parents.

Why Should You Choose a House Call Service in Richmond?

  • If you have a pet who gets extremely stressed about going to the vet
  • Transportation is a problem
  • Your pet has a motion/car sickness
  • If you have multiple pets in households (we can book a longer appointment to see multiple pets at the same time)
  • At-home euthanasia

The Petsville Service Area

We proudly assist pet parents in the Steveston, Seafair, Steveston South and Broadmoor, and Ironwood areas of Richmond. There may be a travel fee based on the time and distance from our veterinarian.

If it is a medical emergency, please book an appointment to visit our hospital.

Contact us today to book a house visit.